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Auditions are generally held in late May, during afternoons and evenings.  There are two audition days:  one in Fredonia and one in Silver Creek.  Each child's audition is closed and lasts about ten minutes.  Audition requirements include the following:

  • Each child will sing two songs: "Happy Birthday" and "America" (or "America the Beautiful")

  • The songs are sung twice, once with piano and once unaccompanied

  • Sight Reading ability is assessed

  • Tonal memory and rhythm exercises are used to measure the child's ability to hear and repeat rhythms and a series of sung pitches.

  • Placement in a choir is determined by ability and maturity.


Please contact Marjorie Bohn, Artistic Director, under our

contact page to set up an audition at any time of the year!

1 Dickinson Street

Silver Creek, NY 14136


425 E. Main Street

Fredonia, NY 14063

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